A modern design system for your

Launch your site in style with ShadePro, a modern collection of crafted pages and modular components.

Features Inside

Shade Pro is made with high-quality components and 56 pre-made pages. Each element can be modified and changed with only a few clicks.

140+ blocks in 16 categories

56 ready HTML templates

Fast customize fonts & colors

Dark & Light versions

Organized & neat coded components

Get completely hand-coded UI components and landing pages. Build powerful landing pages using our clean and highly customizable codes.

Change colors
and fonts fast.

Rock one of Shade Pro’s carefully curated colour schemes & typography or roll your own using the clearly defined Sass variables.

// Shade Pro Typography

$primary-1: #473BF0;

$primary-2: #68D585;

…. …. …. ….

// Shade Pro Colors

$primary-1: #473BF0;

$primary-2: #68D585;

// Shade Pro Typography

$display-1: 6rem;

$display-2: 5.5rem;

…. …. …. ….

// Shade Pro Colors

$primary-1: #473BF0;

$primary-2: #68D585;

140+ modular components

Our modular component help you build anything faster

Header Sections

11 Blocks

Hero Sections

11 Blocks

Content Sections

25 Blocks

Feature Sections

14 Blocks

Stats Sections

10 Blocks

Testimonial Sections

16 Blocks

Pricing Sections

05 Blocks​

CTA Sections

08 Blocks

Video Sections

08 Blocks

Newsletter Sections

06 Blocks

Client Sections

05 Blocks

News Sections

02 Blocks

Team Sections

03 Blocks

FAQ Sections

06 Blocks

Alert Sections

02 Blocks

Footer Sections

08 Blocks

Forms Sections

Coming on August

Tab Sections

Coming on August


Content-oriented Design

Shade Pro has an extremely solid and clean design to focus your visitors on what you want to tell them, and this lightweight design will never go out of trends.


Built on Near-vanilla Bootstrap

Shade Pro uses Bootstrap to the fullest. We didn't code new CSS styles if Bootstrap already had the solution, so the theme loads quickly and easy to customize.


140+ Reusable Components

Shade Pro comes with 140+ hand-coded UI components allow you the flexibility to create different pages fast without writing extra codes.


Consistency and Harmony

Each of 140+ components (content, features, testimonials and etc.), provided by us, fit perfectly with each other and creates unique design every time.


Dark & Light Mode

Shade Pro has built in Dark mode system which will help you moving any pages to Dark mode within only few seconds.


Design Files Included

With every package of Shade Pro, you will also get our editable design files. We have included files for Sketch for now. Edit your resources the way you want.


Trustworthy and Quick Support

We value our work and happy to provide our customers with first-class and fast support, which has already proven itself.


Lifetime Updates

Never get old with buggy codes and design. Buy ShadePro once and get lifetime updates of Shade Pro. We release updates every month.

Have any questions?

Yes you can! If you purchase Regular or Extended license, both come with personal and commercial licenses.

Of course! If you’re just learning to work with CSS and HTML, you’ll have to learn a few new setup steps, but we keep our tools and code simple, well documented and clean as a good example for all!

Yup! We provide basic HTML, CSS, and JS that you can use in basically any framework. If you want to integrate our markup, SCSS, and JS compilation into your app instead of using our provided build tools, that’s also possible, though it requires some effort.

Yup! If you need any help or have a question about Shade Pro, please reach us at support@finestdevs.com

Still have a question? Reach us at support@finestdevs.com

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